Cozad Housing

Cozad Housing is a 30 unit complex. These apartments are for anyone over 62, handicapped, or disabled and able to live independently and income eligible.

One central hallway joins thirty (30) one and two bedroom units.  All electric with onsite (in building) laundry, cable television. Stove, refrigerator and window coverings provided.  Community room available.

Cozad Housing

901 Ave L
Cozad, NE


The Cozad Housing Authority offers a variety of housing options for all ages and income.

All income must be verified by third party and includes Social Security, interest from assets, pensions, VA benefits, etc. Adjustments to your income to be deducted from income include prescription drugs, eye glasses, hearing aids, and one health insurance policy. These also must be verified. All units owned and/or managed by the Cozad Housing Authority offer maintenance with lawn care and snow removal provided.

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The Mission of the Housing Authority of the City of Cozad is to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing to low and moderate income persons living in the City of Cozad and the entire Dawson County area.

Cozad Housing Authority
421 West 9th Street
Cozad, NE 69130
[email protected]

Phone: (308) 784-3661
Fax: (308) 784-3287
TDD: (308) 784-3661, ext. 16
Toll Free: 1-877-978-1100

Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity